An issue within the community may be large or small.  If may be a significant infrastructure, planning or construction issue.  Or it may be as small as litter, graffiti, potholes or a broken street light.  The issue may be shortlived or long term.  If may be inconvenient, annoying or dangerous and affecting well being of the community.

Whatever it is, there needs to be a way to report issues, discuss them and hopefully take action about them.

Our Local Issues pages will hopefully point you in the right direction to get support with your issues – whatever they may be.

At a truly local level, each ward based or community directory has it’s own Local issues pages – you can view, report, discuss and share issues for your local community there.  Visit your local site.

North East Lincolnshire issues

At the level of North East Lincolnshire as a whole, we’ve got some information and ways you can tackle local issues affecting or covering the whole borough.

Report It – to look up who to contact about specific issues via our A-Z index

FixMyStreet – this national tool can be used to report, view or discuss local issues