A community organisation could be a charity, a voluntary led group, a social enterprise or another form of community focused group.  Start here to look for community organisations across North East Lincolnshire.

Key Organisations

Town Councils 
Parish Councils 
Forums and Forward Groups
Neighbourhood Watch Groups
– Community First Panels
– Funding Panels

National Charities

A number of national charities operate in NEL.

We have a guide to national charities here.

find by Location

Many organisations are very local, or you may want to see what is in a particular area.

in Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Immingham or the Wolds

West Marsh
Croft Baker
Sidney Sussex
New Waltham
East Marsh

Volunteer led

Many Community Organisations are volunteer led and supported.

VANEL operate the Supporting Volunteers Award (SVA) scheme to accredit organisations on the quality of their volunteer experience.

organisations with SVA accreditation

Types of Organisation

Voluntary and community organisations affect every aspect and stage of our lives.

Stages of life:
– pre-conception
– pregnancy & birth
– early childhood
– childcare
– education
– adolesence
– older age
– point of death
– after death

– public health
– mental health
– bereavement
– disabilities
– sickness

– education
– further education
– employment
– poverty
– housing
– finance
– relationships

– the environment
– animals

– leisure
– the arts

– charitable giving
– campaigning
– research
– emergencies

Look up all purposes

Very Small Groups

Some of the smallest groups are not listed separately (e.g. a dog training group!). 
Look for their details in the listings for the venues they use (community centres, church halls etc). 
So start by looking in a Local Directory or search for Places.

Missing or wrong?

Have we missed an organisation or group out of our directory?
Let us know so we can make a correction.