Be prepared this Winter!  Help others be prepared!

A partnership of Voluntary and Public sector organisations are working together in North East Lincolnshire to avoid unnecessary hardship for elderly and vulnerable people this winter should extreme bad weather descend upon us again.

Our Winter Planning campaign message to elderly and vulnerable people is:

“Don’t go out in extreme weather, Advice and help will be available”

Download our latest flyer here.

Winter Planning will be launching on the 9th November at the Grimsby Minster, 10am – 12pm. Click the pictures below to view the posters:













We are promoting a list of essential items the elderly and vulnerable should stocking up on before Winter. These being:

•    Coffee/Tea
•    Sugar
•    Milk (dried or long life)
•    Bread (can be frozen)
•    Butter/Margarine
•    Tins of soup, veg, & fruit
•    Frozen meals
•    Toilet rolls
•    Pet food
•    Torch/Batteries
•    Bottled water
•    Light bulbs

Our next stage of the Campaign is to promote to the Community to be good neighbours and check on elderly and vulnerable people in their street.

Are you a local resident who:
•    Would be willing to become a volunteer and deliver essential supplies in an emergency
•    Clear snow to give access to the homes of the people needing support
•    Would be willing to be a coordinator to manage the organized process of providing assistance through Volunteers.

Or a local Business:
•    who feels your business could support the ‘Winter Planning scheme’ by releasing staff who may not be able to get in to work
•    or sponsoring promotional materials

Or are you a local resident with a:
•    Four wheel drive vehicle that could help to deliver to isolated properties.

The Winter Campaign is formally identifying people in the Community who would be prepared to help a vulnerable or elderly person in their neighbourhood in extreme weather conditions referred through a Coordinator in your area.

If you would like to Volunteer or be a Coordinator for this important role or would like to know more information please do not hesitate to contact us below.

For further details about the Winter Campaign and getting involved as a volunteer please contact Vicky or Tayo on 01472 315437.