tidyuptogetherlogoSMThe North East Lincolnshire campaign to Tidy up Together will start on 23rd September in Humberston, ending six months later in Haverstoe.

The campaign will encourage residents, community groups and partners to work together on a deep clean of the borough, tackling things such as weeds, fly tipping, gully cleansing, grounds maintenance, potholes, street sign replacement and more.

Residents are encouraged to contact Street Care on 324500 or <a href=”mailto://customer.requests@nelincs.gov.uk”>customer.requests@nelincs.gov.uk.  Lots more information is on the Council website here.

Tidy Up Together will be moving around North East Lincolnshire, ward by ward.  A map below and list indicates the predicted order of work:


Expected order by ward.

1 Humberston and New Waltham
2 Waltham
3 Wolds
4 Immingham
5 Freshney
6 West Marsh
7 Yarborough
8 South
9 Scartho
10 Park
11 Heneage
12 East Marsh
13 Sidney Sussex
14 Croft Baker
15 Haverstoe